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How It Works

Freelancers & Contractors? We've Got This...

The last thing you need is overwhelming complexity. When we built Example, we built the business we would have wanted for ourselves. Simple, easy processes with transparent pricing for our clients. Discover how we work & how you can get started today.

A Simple Process

Brief us

Simply tell us what you need, when, and your budget, using our simple form. This often gives us everything we need to know.

Let's talk

Sometimes, a little extra information helps, and if so, we'll organise a quick call to help us understand more about your projects.


We reach out to our freelancer and contractor network with your brief, and we work out who's available and who's appropriate.

You choose

We often have freelancers and contractors within 24 hours to 3 days, and we'll present our selection with our notes.


We'll work with you to get your freelancer onboarded and ready to go - we'll also set up contracts, timesheets and check in regularly.


At the end of the month, you'll receive an invoice based on the freelancer's day rate and time submitted. Simple!

How It Works

How We Find Your Freelancer

With a good brief, we can find anyone in the world. But with our network, we can turn to tried & trusted freelancers who have achieved amazing things. When you work with Example, you're accessing a network built up over 20 years as both marketers and recruiters.